We can create the plan, get plans approved through council, perform
the build and landscaping services. Our
comprehensive skillset ensures we take care of your vision from the
first day you employ us to the delivery of the complete project.
We have extensive experience in building everything from bathroom
or kitchen renovations and upgrades through to complex extensions
or new builds of homes and apartments.

Our Services

New Builds

We specialise in creating new homes that remain visually striking and practical today and for years to come. Our mission is to listen and understand your vision, and then to provide invaluable advice that ensures your new home is everything you imagined it would be.


Looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms with a new modern look? Perhaps you want to open up a space to create an open plan living area, talk to our team, and we can guide you into cost-effectively improving the look and function of your home.


Improve the functionality of your home to better suit the lifestyle you now lead. Whether it's adding an extra bedroom or study area or adding a second storey to cater for growing children, we can help plan, build and deliver the improved space you desire.

Knockdown - Rebuild

You have the perfect location with a not so perfect home. We can work with you to discover what your new family home could be. What luxuries and what necessities you need, what living space and clever storage options we could utalise to give you the perfect home you have always wanted.

Dual Occupancy

Are you sitting on a large block and an excellent opportunity? Creating a dual occupancy may be the best way to capitalise on your asset and create an additional income stream. Paragon Building Group can arrange all permits, plans and construction to ensure you maximise the return on your investment.

Plans & Approval

Paragon Building Group can arrange a Design Consultant to work with you to deliver stunning and accurate building plans that meet your vision. We can provide costs to build off-a-plan and ensure those plans are submitted to town planning. We can take care of everything from the preparation documents, collaborations with council and third-parties and addressing any permit conditions.